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Receive Graciously

One of the most counter-intuitive ways to be generous is by receiving graciously. When we receive graciously, we allow the giver to fully enjoy the act of giving. When we do not receive graciously, we discourage generosity. We also ignite self-consciousness in the giver, making them uncomfortable in their giving, and giving should be as natural as a flowing river.

Next time you are the beneficiary of someone else’s generosity, be mindful of how graciously you respond. Teach yourself to receive graciously. There is a generous way to receive a gift. Learning to receive other people’s generosity gratefully and graciously is itself a form of generosity.

We have never received more than today. This day is the ultimate day of receiving for humanity. It is a day for gratitude and humility. The day that changed everything, for everyone. It is a day of astounding generosity.

Today is Good Friday. Let everything in you that is selfish and stingy and greedy die today. Place anything in you that isn’t generous on the cross and let it be crucified.

Now, here is today’s generosity habit.

Give until it hurts. We can be so generous without making any great sacrifice. But try once, to give until it hurts. Give in a way that costs you. Just try it once. Give in a way that requires you to change your lifestyle in some way large or small.

Matthew Kelly

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