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Supporting Catechists, DRE’s, and Church Leaders

Ruth in Indianapolis says, What's one piece of advice you can give to new catechists and leaders to encourage those we are teaching in our parishes? Yeah, that's a great question. I love catechists. You know, I think so much of what we do at Dynamic Catholic. Is driven in a desire to give people who are on the front lines, you know, the very best resources available, and it's heartbreaking to see catechists having to go into a classroom with second rate resources, you know, and so much of the mail I get comes from catechist saying I love blessed or I love decision.

Point has completely changed my experience of walking the classroom and and so many drizzles say to me, I love blessed or I love decision point. I love all the programs dynamic Catholic. I say, what do you love about them? Well, in a selfish way, I really love because it's easy for me to get catechists because they love the programs and the programs are so helpful to them in teaching.

I think the thing I would say to you is, you know, when I was first getting started, I remember I had a great spiritual director, really holy priest, and we went to Mass one day, St. Mary's Cathedral, downtown Sydney, which is a phenomenally beautiful church. And and as we were walking in, he said to me, he said, you will you will only ever see less than one percent of one percent of the impact that you have in whatever work you do in ministry and never lose sight of that. And never get discouraged, and I think that's what I would say to you as a khattak is never get discouraged.

You know, God is not in that God is nowhere near that. Anyone who brings discouragement into your life around that. That's not from God. That's not with God. Never get discouraged. And but the flip side of that is I think you've got to ask yourself, how do you stay encouraged? How do you stay inspired? And what is it that encourages you that inspires you? You know, I slept in this morning.

I was going to be a big day and I wanted to be rested and I slept in and then I spent time watching sort of great historical speeches for a while. And it was. It's really powerful. I started crying when I was watching him. I'm about to cry now, but it was really powerful and I think that it's important for us to try to not focus on that one moment that we're in with those people.

But to prepare for that moment in history and come from history into that moment is so important and makes it so powerful. I knew getting up this morning and doing that would inspire me, would give me a lot of energy to come here so that hopefully I could give you that energy and give you that enthusiasm and inspire you tonight. And so I'd say as a catechists, you really got to ask yourself what inspires you and how do you connect into that before you go into that experience so that you can share that with the with the young souls that that have been entrusted to you for that hour, that.

Forty five minutes, whatever it is.

Matthew Kelly

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