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Taking The Long View

Most people are fascinated with the success that taking the long view leads to, but few people adopt it for themselves. Take as an example the investing philosophy of Warren Buffett. While I disagree with Mr. Buffett on a great number of things, I cannot dispute his success as an investor. He is arguably the greatest investor of all time and at the core of his success is the long view.

Since 1964, Berkshire Hathaway under the leadership of Buffett has never underperformed the S&P 500 over any five-year interval. If you were given the opportunity to invest ten thousand dollars with Buffett in 1964, and you had the discipline to keep that money invested, by the end of 2012 you would have amassed more than fifty-eight million dollars.

Buffett takes the long view and his success is astonishing.

Matthew Kelly

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