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Technology Fasting

Is your phone the first thing you reach for each morning? Is checking email the first work-related activity you do each day? Do you grab your phone to check something quickly and then find yourself engulfed by it for an hour or more? Do you reach for your phone every time you have a spare minute in line at the grocery store, at a stop light, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office… How do you feel if you leave your phone behind at home or in the car? What emotions rise up in you in these situations? How would you feel if your spouse or best friend had access to your phone and was able to see and read everything?

Welcome back to Best Christmas Ever! where we are exploring 28 ways to make this Christmas amazing for you, your loved ones, and strangers who cross your path!

#23 is… Technology fasting.

Is it possible to have a healthy long-term relationship with your phone, one that leaves you feeling good about yourself and the way you spend your time?

Is your phone making you smarter or dumber? Is your phone bringing you relaxation and happiness or stress and anxiety? If your best friend was dating someone who made her feel the way your phone makes you feel, would you advise your friend to break up with that person?

You might not need to break up with your phone, but you might need a break and a reset.

These questions only scrape the tip of the iceberg. The issues that technology has ushered into our lives are significant. But to understand just how significant, I propose a technology fast. One day, two days, or three days. You decide. No phone or computer. You will be amazed how difficult it is, and you will be astounded how differently you feel once you get over the withdrawal symptoms.

You will think more clearly. You will be more decisive and make better decisions. You will have better conversations. Your relationships will feel completely different.

It’s time for a technology fast, or perhaps just a phone fast. You decide. By fasting you may realize that you need a new relationship with technology. You may decide you need new habits when it comes to your phone.

Just try it. Pick a time to start and finish, and commit. Our lives change when our habits change, and fasting brings clarity to our hearts and minds so that we can see what new habits we need.

This technology fast will change your life, transform your relationships, and help you to have your Best Christmas Ever!

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