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The 1% Rule: How to Get Unstuck

The 1% Rule is the cure for feeling overwhelmed, it is the way to get unstuck, and it is the antidote for procrastination.

So, what is the 1% rule? Take any project, no matter how large, are break off a portion that represents 1% of the project. When we procrastinate, feel overwhelmed, or get stuck, our minds are experiencing the enormity of what is before us (real or imagined). In order to move on we need to shift the minds perspective by placing before it something that seems manageable. The goal is to place before the mind something that allows it to say, “Huh, ok, that’s no big deal, I can do that.”

The power of the 1% rule is that it gets you started, it gets you moving in the right direction, and once you have momentum you will find yourself doing much more than just 1% in many cases.

So, next time you find yourself stuck, procrastinating, or overwhelmed, use the 1% rule to breakthrough.

Matthew Kelly

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