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The BEST Preparation for EVERY Situation…

The best preparation for every situation is character. When we look at our character, we see positive things, we see negative things… the good news is that whatever we discover, we can change our habits and can improve our character. If we don’t like what we see when we look into the future through the telescope of character, we can change the future. How? By changing our habits. Our lives change when our habits change. It is true that if you tell me what your habits are today, I can tell you what your future looks like. If you tell me what new habits you are going to put into place this year, I can tell you how your life will be different this year from what it was last year.

If you looked into your future and saw trials and heartache or triumph and glory, how would you prepare for your future? The reality is that you are likely to face all these things in the future to varying degrees and at moments when you least expect them. The best way to prepare for the unexpected is to start building character.

Character is the best preparation for every situation.

Matthew Kelly

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