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The Farmer Who Became A Legend

Everything happens according to the seasons. Nature is based on certain cycles. These cycles are the untapped power of our lives. If a farmer plants the seed in the winter, will he have a crop in the spring? No, he will have wasted his time, effort, energy, and seed. It is knowledge of the cycles, seasons, and rhythms of nature that makes a farmer successful. Today, it is common knowledge and practice that a rested field yields a plentiful crop. I wonder, the first time a farmer decided to let a field rest for a year, did his neighbors and friends say, “Oh, - that’s a clever idea”? Absolutely not. They laughed at him, made fun of him, talked about him behind his back, and thought he was crazy. The next year, when he brought in his crop from that field, he had the last laugh. The following year, when there were three or four fields resting, he smiled to himself with a gentle sense of quiet satisfaction. Ten years later, when every farmer in the district was using the resting field method, he had become a legend. The cycles of nature hold the untapped power of our lives, too. As you begin to discover those cycles and live by them, your friends will think you are crazy for leaving the party early, or for passing up “an irresistible opportunity” at work, or for changing the way you spend your Sunday. But over the weeks, months, and years ahead, as you bring the harvest of your life to be weighed, they will soon see that your way is better. They will turn to it. They too will begin to seek the rhythm of life. Matthew Kelly From The Rhythm of Life Click Here to order your copy today!

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