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The Importance of Christmas PJ's

God created you to flourish. Are you flourishing this year? As you look to Christmas are you confident that what you have planned is going to help you and those you love to flourish? If not, it is time to adjust the plan. It is time for some fun, healthy, serious, lighthearted, profound and bold routines, rituals, and traditions.

Routines, rituals, and traditions play a powerful role in human flourishing. They can be as silly as Christmas pajamas and profound as Sunday Mass. The Kelly children love their Christmas PJs. So, I thought I would share some Christmas PJ memories with you as we get into today’s teaching.

[Insert photo montage here]. With music louder]

Welcome back to Best Christmas Ever! where we are exploring 28 ways to make this Christmas amazing for you, your loved ones, and strangers who cross your path!

#24 is… Routines, rituals, and traditions.

As you can see the Kelly children love their Christmas PJs. It is a fun tradition. Does it have deep and profound meaning, yes and no. On the surface it may seem like a silly materialistic tradition. But it is so much more than that.

As we journey toward Christmas this season of Advent is a wonderful time to establish or reestablish some routines, rituals, and traditions. Make them healthy, bold, and playful.

Now, not every routine, ritual, and tradition can be all three. Christmas PJs can be fun and playful. Midnight Mass can be bold and profound. Taking a walk each day and praying for your family and friends as you walk can be bold, healthy, and playful.

Keep in mind that anything spiritual in the current cultural environment is bold. And boldness is good for the human spirit. Boldness stirs our souls and lets us know that our soul still has the vitality necessary to stand up for what is good, right, just, and noble.

This Christmas will change your life forever if you establish a new routine. What is the one thing you could do each day that would change everything for you? Why aren’t you doing it? Ask God for the grace this Christmas to establish that as a routine in your life.

Matthew Kelly

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