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The Power of Anticipation

Growing up with my seven brothers in Australia the anticipation that would build as we got closer to Christmas was epic. We would count how many “sleeps” we had until Christmas. The energy was electric. It was like watching pressure build to launch a rocket.

Welcome back to Best Christmas Ever! Where we are exploring 28 Ways to Make this Your Best Christmas Ever!

#7 is… Harness the power of anticipation.

In January each year I encourage team members to plan half their vacation time for the year. The reason: to harness the power of anticipation. Fifty percent of the benefits of a vacation come from anticipating it. When there is two feet of snow on the ground in February and work is a bit overwhelming, if you have a few days planned in a warm place in April it changes the way you experience the pressure of work and cold weather in February.

When my father was dying of cancer, he would focus on the next event, a trip, the birth of a grandchild, a family wedding… Those events became his focus instead of the treatment and were no doubt parts of what allowed him to live much longer than his doctors thought he would.

Anticipation is powerful. Tell your friends, children, spouse, and grandchildren what you are looking forward to experiencing with them this Christmas. You can help those around you experience Advent simply by saying, “I’m really looking forward to going to church with you on Christmas Day.”

Harness the power of anticipation and put it to good use this Christmas.

Matthew Kelly

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