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The world needs impulse control and patience… but not for the reasons you think. Well, yes, for the reasons you think, but not only those reasons and for one infinitely more important reason.

Humanity is facing some enormous problems and to solve these big problems will require deep thought. Not sound bites and unconsidered opinions being blurted out in every news cycle, but deep thought.

Big issues require deep thought. And deep thought requires impulse control and patience. Both of which are in short supply in our culture.

Our inability to control our impulses because of our Pavlovian reaction to every notification, phone call, text, and email is creating massive attention in our lives and culture.

The result is our diminishing ability to sit with an issue and really think it through. Deep thought. We need it culturally and we need it individually. A few people need it to come up with the solutions to the biggest problems facing our age, everyone else needs it in order to accept and champion the best solutions.

If you want to change the world, become more patient. The future of humanity may depend on this one virtue.

Matthew Kelly

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