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The Secret to Having Your Best Vacation Ever!

The secret to having your best vacation ever is not finding the perfect beach, ideal ski-run, or amazing hotel.

In December each year, when I speak to the team about the year that has been and the year ahead, I take a couple of minutes and encourage them to plan half their vacation days for the following year as soon as possible.

The reason is simple: anticipation is more than 50% of the joy of a fantastic vacation.

In the midst of a cold dark February, with snow everywhere, it is easier to push through the daily challenges of life, both personal and professional, if you know you will be on vacation at the end of March.

As human beings, having something to look forward to is of vital importance. Anticipation, the excitement and expectation of something good in the future, is a beautiful thing. And it is free. All that is required is the wisdom to activate it. What are you looking forward to this year?

The secret to having your best vacation ever is anticipation. Plan it far in advance and each time life gets a little tough, turn your mind to the vacation you have planned and draw from that the strength you need to push through whatever is happening in your life right now.

Activate anticipation in your life. Not just around vacations, but around all good things you see in your future.

Matthew Kelly

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