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The World Needs Changing

Everyone knows the world is in need of profound change. We just cannot seem to agree on the best way to go about that. What is most likely to usher in a new era? Politics, education, law, economics, technology, or something else?

It depends largely on what we are trying to accomplish. The goal of all these aspects of society should be human flourishing, but our unbridled quest for more, bigger, faster, and better, seems to have blinded us to how change either ennobles or debases people.

Are you flourishing? Is your neighbor flourishing? Is our nation flourishing? Is the human family flourishing?

The next big leap for humanity will come from rediscovering what it means to be authentically human and embracing the dignity and nobility of generosity. It is the very best of our humanity that the world desperately needs now—and generosity brings out the best in people.

Now, here is today’s generosity habit.

Be an ambassador of hope. There is enough gloom and doom in this world. Let your presence and words be filled with hope and encouragement. We all need hope. Sometimes we are aware of this truth, and at other times we are oblivious. But when life strikes a blow and our hope fades, we become intimately aware of how important hope is to our well-being. Someone close to you needs a little hope today. Find that person and be an ambassador of hope. Take an interest. When we go out of our way to express our love and care we increase that person’s hope, and nobody can live without hope. Knowing that we are not alone increases hope. Remind someone today that while there are ups and downs, life is a wonderful gift. Offer to help. Everyone is carrying a heavy burden. Most people don’t expect you to make their life easy, but everyone wishes life could be just a bit easier on days when they are long on troubles and short on hope.

Matthew Kelly

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