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UNLEASH the Power of Progress in Your Life!

One of the most important questions to ask yourself in any arena of life is: Are You Making Progress?

When we are making progress, even if that progress is small or slight, we sense that things are moving in the right direction, that we have momentum on our side, and this sparks energy, enthusiasm, positivity, creativity, and so much more.

So, are you making progress? What matters most to you right now and is it moving in the right direction? It may be a relationship, your career, your physical well-being, your marriage, your spirituality, a problem you are trying to solve, your family, healing from a trauma, or recovering from an addiction. Whatever it is, are you making progress?

If you are, great! Acknowledge that. Celebrate that. Enjoy that.

If you are not, awareness is the pivot point! Now that you know you are not making progress, ask yourself: What is the smallest adjustment I can make to stimulate progress and get things moving in the right direction again?

Big changes overwhelm us and can paralyze us into inaction. Small adjustments are the key to getting things moving in the right direction again.

Matthew Kelly

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