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We All Have Money WOUNDS: Take A Step Toward Money Health

One of the most volatile topics at every level of society is money. Everyone has their opinions about it, and we all seem to have blind spots when it comes to this topic. The reason is because we all have money wounds. The problem is most people don’t know they have money wounds. So, the first step toward health and healing is awareness of the wounds we carry around money.

Whether we have a lot of money or not at all, whether we grew up in poverty or in a wealthy family, we have all experienced money trauma. We have money shame and money blame, we have trust issues around money, we have money fears, and negative money self-talk, to name but a few of the symptoms of money trauma.

All of these impact the way we use or abuse money, the way we attract or repel money, and affect the health or dysfunction of our relationship with money.

If any of this sounds familiar, the best place to start is by taking an inventory of your attitudes toward money. Write down as many beliefs, thoughts, feelings you have about money as you can. Once you have this list, try to trace these attitudes back to situations in your life that gave birth to them.

Everybody has money wounds, which causes people to be a little weird about money in their own peculiar way. Knowing that we have our own money wounds helps us to be empathetic with others when their money wounds manifest.

Awareness is the first step toward money health.

Matthew Kelly

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