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What Is Generosity?

Generosity is the virtue of giving plentifully. It is first and foremost a disposition of the heart. Any act of generosity is an external manifestation of the invisible internal reality. It isn’t merely something we do; it is an essential characteristic of who we are. Generosity is a way of life.

One of the biggest obstacles to igniting a generosity movement in our culture today is the perception that generosity is something financially wealthy people do. Generosity isn’t about billionaires giving billions. It isn’t elitist. Generosity is for everyone. It is each person—you and me—giving every day, according to our gifts and means.

Now, here is today’s generosity habit.

Ask someone what their dreams are and do something, however small, to help them accomplish one of their dreams. We all need people to help us fulfill the dreams that have been placed in our hearts.

The ability to dream is one of the most incredible abilities God has endowed human beings with. Don’t waste your ability to dream.

Today is a day to dream.

Matthew Kelly

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