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When People Notice

Have people started to notice yet? If you have been practicing the generosity habit each day, I suspect people in your life are starting to wonder what happened to you. Deciding to live a life of intentional generosity is like falling in love. It rearranges your priorities, you are more energetic and enthusiastic about life, you get this light in your eyes and your face glows. That’s the generosity glow. It’s impossible to hide and people are going to ask, so be ready to answer.

When people start saying, “You seem different!” or asking, “What’s going on with you?” just tell them the same thing we’ve been saying every day, “I’ve decided that rather than just being myself, I’m going to be my most generous self!” and then invite them to join you.

Now, here is today’s generosity habit.

Do something heroic. Don’t just be kind, be heroically kind. Don’t just be patient, be heroically patient. Don’t just be helpful, go above and beyond the extra mile and be heroically helpful. We are all capable of rising above mediocrity and accomplishing excellence. We are all capable of rising above excellence and being heroic. It’s time to awaken the hero within you.

Matthew Kelly

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