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Each day is filled with so many amazing opportunities to live, learn, and love. Most of the writing I do is long form. Books. But most of my ideas are short-form. They are not big enough ideas to justify a book, or even a chapter of a book. Besides a blog seems much more relational and fun. Hope you enjoy it and that you will share your favorite posts with your friends, colleagues at work, and your family. 

Who Are You Becoming?

In a world where instant gratification isn’t fast enough anymore, describing our society as impatient is an understatement of monumental proportions. The desire to do more, have more, and advance faster has outpaced any generation of the past. What is missing is the desire to be and become more. Who you become is infinitely more important than what you do or have.

Speeding up many of life’s natural processes often ends in disaster. How many people do you know who inherited a fortune? Do you think they really became who they were capable of becoming or intended to become? Probably not—and the reason is quite simple. When someone builds wealth in an ethical way, he or she develops character just by going through the process. When parents give their children the wealth, they cannot also give them the character that was developed by amassing that wealth.  Wherever you are in your career, wherever you are in your organization right now, don’t despise these times. These are times for becoming, times for learning to be the-very-best-version-of-yourself, so that as more opportunity and responsibility come your way, you are prepared to succeed.

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