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Who Is Really in Need?

The question I would like us to ponder today is: Who is really in need?

One of the most interesting things about generosity is that I have a much greater need to give than other people need to receive. It may seem counter-intuitive, even ridiculous at first, but it is true.

My need to give is much greater than their need to receive. The world is full of people whose need to receive is desperate. It is easy to make the mistake of thinking they are most in need. Their need to receive is obvious, but our need to give is hidden. And as desperate as their need to receive appears, our need to give is greater. We may think we are reaching down to give them a hand up, but perhaps the very opposite is the truth.

The heart of generosity is humility. Focus on your need to give, not their need to receive.

Now, here is today’s generosity habit.

Stand up for someone who is being treated unjustly. Injustice is all around us and takes many forms. It thrives when men and women of goodwill notice it, but choose not to get involved because it is inconvenient. There is a lot of talk about bullying in school, but it seems in almost every environment people are bullied today. It’s a horrible thing to see the way bullying can affect a child, now and for the rest of their life. It is no less degrading and dehumanizing to see an adult bullied.

So next time you encounter a situation like this, stand up for someone who is being treated unjustly.

Matthew Kelly

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