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Why Do Holy Moments Make Us So Happy?

Jack Beers:

“One of the things you write here is that holy moments will make you insanely happy. And there are so many people in the world searching for happiness as a state. Enough momentum in their life that they're happy. And you write that holy moments make you insanely happy. Cognitively, it's like a process that causes you to put yourself interest aside is going to make you insanely happy and is going to create this amazing positive momentum in your life and in the life of everybody that your holy moments touch. It's a bold promise. How does that happen? How does holy moments make you insanely happy? Does it really only take just one? I guess is part of what I'm searching for a little bit.”

Matthew Kelly:

“My first answer to people would be, "Let's not sit around and talk about it, try it. Go out intentionally, collaborate with God, to create one holy moment and tell me, how does that change your state? How does that change your state of heart, mind, soul? How does it make you feel?" And what I know from personal experience and from witnessing many, many, many other people, is that there's something about that, that creates an injection of joy into our life. That is disproportionate to the effort, the moment, the whatever.

The other part of the answer, other than going out and actually experiencing it and testing the theory, is it just makes perfect sense that the more aligned you become with God, the happier you are going to be. If we think that we are going to be happier by getting more and more out of alignment with God, well, we're delusional Kings of Queens of fantasy land. I don't know what it is, but it's prevalent and it just isn't realistic. And so we take ourselves further and further out of alignment with God in our quest for happiness, and we become more and more unhappy. At some point, the untested thesis for most people's lives is becoming, "Hey, I've tried everything else except aligning myself with God."”

Matthew Kelly

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