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Amazing Possibilities!

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Why I Hope

People often ask me how I can be filled with such great hope, knowing the challenges that face humanity and having seen and experienced so much of the world. My reasons for hope are very simple. In the first place, I believe that people are innately good. For the most part, it has been my experience that people will good for other people; they want good things to happen to you and me. The second reason is because I believe in our capacity for change and growth. Many people don’t believe that people can change, but I have seen men and woman emerge from patterns of failure and addictive behaviors that seemed beyond hope; and in these men and woman I have witnessed the miracle of human transformation. My third reason for hope is because I know that every moment is another chance to turn it all around. The something wonderful that is happening is this very moment. There is no opportunity or teacher like the moment we are in right now. Brimming with possibilities, the present moment wants to be seized, enjoyed, exercised, and squeezed for every last drop it has to offer. Matthew Kelly

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