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Why I Spoke to the Bishops at the Vatican

I'm joined now by Dr. Allen Hunt and it's great to have him with us. We can do some question and answers,So what do you got, Allen? Matthew, this isn't the first time that you've done an event like this. What did it feel like? What did you learn? It's difficult. You know, I. I miss the people. I miss the I miss the energy of the people.

I miss the I miss just all the energy they bring to the event. And it's hard just to talk to the camera. It's it's it's hard to do. Humor and humor has been such a big part of my speaking for many years. But mostly I miss the people and just the energy they bring. My iPad is filling up with questions. As Matthew said, feel free to put those into the comment box on your broadcast.

And the first one, Matthew, is from Mark in Denver, Colorado. I heard that you were invited to speak at the Vatican. What did you talk about? And can you tell us about that experience? Yeah, I mean, that was a fantastic experience last fall. And it was second time I met Pope Francis. And but to get to speak there in the Vatican was great honor and then invited leaders from around the world to speak on the topic of evangelization.

And the topic of my talk was everybody evangelize about something. And we're going to publish the text here in a few months. But essentially, the concept was evangelization isn't essentially something we need to teach people. They already know how to do it. We need to give them the right experience so they evangelize about the right things. You know, some people evangelize about their favorite vacation place and some people evangelize about their favorite restaurant and some people evangelize about their iPhone. You know, there are almost three billion iPhones on the planet.

That didn't happen without an awful lot of evangelization. The reality is people are evangelizing, but we haven't given them a powerful experience of God and his gospel. And that's why they're not evangelizing about God in his gospel. So did you meet him personally? Yes, I did. Yeah. At the pope, me and Maggie met the pope, got some great photos of chocolate together. Yes, we eat chocolate together. Not only did we did and we will eat chocolate together. That's good stuff.

Matthew Kelly

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