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Why Should You Go on a Pilgrimage?

Someone asked me last week, what is a Pilgrimage? It’s a great question, so let’s take a brief look.

A pilgrimage is a sacred journey. It’s a journey to a sacred place for a sacred purpose. That sacred purpose could be to ask God for a favor, it could be to thank God for a blessing, or it may be a quest for clarity… you may have a question that you need to answer, and a pilgrimage will help to bring you clarity.

Every year we host a number of pilgrimages to many sacred places around the world. I have seen them change so many people’s lives over the years.

But here’s the thing, we all need to remember, whether we are planning a pilgrimage or not, life itself is a pilgrimage. We are just passing through this world to the ultimate sacred place.

Life is a pilgrimage, but sometimes you need a pilgrimage to rediscover life.

Matthew Kelly

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