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Why You Love Comfort

We seem more and more in love with comfort. We seem more and more intent on making life easy, and the more we pursue this ease of life the harder we make it. Our obsession with comfort has led us become addicted to comfort, and then any time our comfort is threatened we become plagued with anxiety.

Is it possible that we could be happier if we were uncomfortable? Yes. Absolutely. Discipline is by its very nature uncomfortable, especially at first, and yet it leads to a fulfillment and happiness that ease and comfort never deliver.

The world counsels us to seek comfort in our afflictions. It also encourages us to think of everything as an affliction which places us in a constantly victim mentality. This is how we get addicted to comfort. This daze of comfort prevents us from living a life directed by faith and critical thinking.

When we experience pain, loss, trauma, and betrayal, it is natural to yearn for comfort. But there are higher and lower forms of comfort.

The world is content to numb you with comfort, but God yearns not just to comfort you, but to console you.

Why are we so in love with comfort? When we desire so much of something that it becomes bad for us it is usually an indication that we are desiring the wrong thing. Our love of comfort is proof that we desire consolation.

There is a difference between comfort and consolation.

Comfort is physical, consolation is spiritual. Comfort is passing, consolation is enduring. Comfort often leads to despair; consolation gently suggests hope.

Consolation whispers, “You can do this” “Life is worth living” “Pres on” “The best is yet to come” “Something wonderful is about to happen.”

Comfort insists, “You deserve it” “You’re wasting your time” “You’ll never make a difference.”

Comfort is a type of resigned defeat.

Comfort runs out and then we find ourselves in a deep desolation. This is what addicts experience. The comfort of the high and the inevitable desolation that follows.

What is desolation? Desolation is a state of complete emptiness and destruction.

Consolation leads us slowly back to fullness and wholeness.

Make some time and space to sit with God quietly today and ask Him to console you. Those who seek will find, those who ask will receive, those who knock will have the door opened to them. Ask God to fill you like you have never been filled before. Ask Him to make you whole.

Matthew Kelly

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