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You Are CREATING Your Future: Like Where You’re Headed?

At the core of character, we find our habits. Character is not what someone says, but what he or she actually does. Habits are the building blocks of character. What are your habits? What are the things you do every day, every week, or every month? If you can tell me what your habits are, I can tell you what your future looks like. The future is not something that happens to us. It is an external expression of our internal reality.

To some extent we can see into the future. If your character is your destiny, what does your future look like? The danger in answering this question is that we may be tempted to isolate one trait in our character and rush to judgment about our future on the basis of that one detail.

Some of us tend to rush toward something negative, and others tend to rush toward something positive. But we are more complicated than that. Some of the habits that make up our character point to happy and prosperous futures; others signify misery somewhere down the road. We need to be honest with ourselves and take both the positive and negative aspects of our characters into account.

Matthew Kelly

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