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You Are NOT the Worst Thing That Has Happened to You

The individual experiences of our lives cannot be separated from the whole. Life is not a series of separate episodes. All of life’s experiences thus far have played a part in the person you are right now. The common reaction to this statement is to recall some negative event in our past and use it as an excuse for the person we are today. Such adoption of victimhood is one of the most destructive spirits at work in the human psyche today. Victimhood denies the great truth that life is choices.

The point I want to make here is that we are not a composite of everything that has ever happened to us, but rather what happens in our lives is almost always a result of those things we habitually think and those things we habitually do. Life is the fruit of discipline, or lack of it. Life is the fruit of intentionality, or lack of it.

Every disciplined effort gives birth to multiple, almost endless, rewards.

Matthew Kelly

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