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9 Ways You’re Wasting Your Life - From the Desk of Matthew Kelly

From the Desk of Matthew Kelly

9 Ways You’re WASTING Your LIFE! HOW LONG DO YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY? What’s STEALING Your Energy? How to Get THE MOST Out of Life! And… Take Comfort, CHILDREN come with NAVIGATION. All that and more in this week’s inspiration!

1. 9 Ways You’re WASTING Your LIFE.

2. What’s STEALING Your Energy?

3. Take Comfort. CHILDREN come with NAVIGATION.

4. This Sunday’s GOSPEL Reflection: What is Jesus' Measuring Stick for Your Life?

5. I’m excited to share two incredible new programs with you for Best Lent Ever this year. THE GENEROSITY HABIT and Difficult Teachings: THE 40 MOST DIFFICULT TEACHINGS OF JESUS, are designed to meet you wherever you are on your spiritual journey and help you have your Best Lent Ever! Sign up for FREE today!

6. How to Get THE MOST Out of Life!

I will leave you with a quote to inspire you throughout your week: “Who you become is infinitely more important than what you do or what you have. The meaning and purpose of life is for you to become the-best-version-of- yourself.” The Rhythm of Life

Have a great week!


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Matthew Kelly is a New York Times Bestselling author, spiritual leader, entrepreneur, and thought leader. Check out his blog, Amazing Possibilities.



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