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Don’t Let What Isn’t Important RUIN Your Christmas

It’s not easy to have a great Christmas in a world where everyone is striving for what isn’t worth having.

Welcome back to 28 obstacles that will prevent you from having your Best Christmas Ever. Click subscribe to ensure you don’t miss out on any of this series.

Obstacle #8 is… Non-essentials.

The tyranny of the many in this world of unlimited opportunities and possibilities is overwhelming us and exhausting us. The burden of all the non-essential nonsense will destroy your Christmas. Identify what is essential and focus on that.

Liberation is to be found in the vital few. Those few things that really matter.

So remember… Find your joy. Guard your joy. Follow your joy. Not just happiness. It seems our culture has confused happiness with comfort, and following comfort will lead you to misery. Find your joy. Cherish your joy. Guard your joy. And follow your joy.

Today’s gift is… Resisting Happiness. Who should you give it to this Christmas? Anyone who is sabotaging themselves, anyone who has set aside their dreams, anyone who is hesitant to be themselves.

Most people can’t remember what they got for Christmas two years ago. This Christmas give life-changing unforgettable gifts.

Matthew Kelly

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