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Superficiality Will DESTROY Your Christmas… If You Let It

It’s not easy to have a great Christmas in a world where everyone is striving for what isn’t worth having.

Welcome back to 28 obstacles that will prevent you from having your Best Christmas Ever. Click subscribe to ensure you don’t miss out on any of this series.

Obstacle #7 is… Superficiality.

Superficiality is destroying our culture and our souls. Don’t be afraid of the serious. Don’t be afraid of deep thought. A bit of serious reflection is deeply agreeable to the human spirit.

Make a point not just to have small talk. Have some real conversations this Christmas. Watch a documentary. Read a book. Study an issue. Escape the superficiality that is an obstacle to having your best Christmas ever.

And remember… Find your joy. Guard your joy. Follow your joy. Not just happiness. It seems our culture has confused happiness with comfort, and following comfort will lead you to misery. Find your joy. Cherish your joy. Guard your joy. And follow your joy.

Today’s gift is… Difficult Teachings: The 40 Most Challenging Teachings of Jesus. Who should you give it to this Christmas? This is a book for anyone who wants to grow spirituality, anyone who wants to go to a deeper level.

Most people can’t remember what they got for Christmas two years ago. This Christmas give life-changing unforgettable gifts.

Matthew Kelly

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