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Amazing Possibilities!

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From the Desk of Matthew Kelly

We have sent our children back to school… but are we thinking of this as a new time of learning? When we have the structure of school in our lives, we have learning served up to us. We don’t have to think about it. It just keeps showing up every day. But as adults we have to work to become continuous learners and lovers of wisdom. Hope these bits and pieces help:

1. Do You Feel Like Something is Missing? TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.

2. Have You Put Everyone Else’s Dreams Ahead of Your Own?

3. Who’s Your Favorite Saint? Check out the series.

4. Dig the Well Before You Get Thirsty. 100 Life Changing Questions.


6. I am looking for a personal assistant. If you or someone you know would be amazing in this role, please apply here.

7. What is the PURPOSE of a RELATIONSHIP?

8. Don’t Miss Out on This.

9. Who Taught Matthew Kelly HOW TO PRAY?

10. “I feel like you wrote this book just for me.” “This is just the right book at the right time.” “It was like you were speaking directly to my situation.” THANKS for all your feedback. Here’s some quotes from LIFE IS MESSY:

“You cannot live a meaningful life by filling your life with meaningless things and activities.”

“Everyone is going to hurt you. Find the ones that are worth the suffering and heartache, don’t let anyone harden your heart, and remember, that even with your best efforts to avoid it, you are going to hurt people too.”

“Don’t complain. It’s not attractive or productive.”

“Give people the benefit of the doubt. Life is difficult and messy, and everyone is carrying a heavy burden.”

Click here to get an excerpt from the book.

And have a great week!


PS – If you are wondering what I am doing on YOUTUBE, learn more here.

PPS – If you missed the last edition, click here.

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Matthew Kelly is a New York Times Bestselling author, spiritual leader, entrepreneur, and thought leader. Check out his blog, Amazing Possibilities.



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