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Amazing Possibilities!

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Everybody said it couldn’t be done.

It was simply impossible for a human being to run a mile in under 4 minutes the experts proclaimed with arrogant certainty. The debate reached fever-pitch in the running community in the 1940s as Gunder Hagg of Sweden ran a mile in 4:06, then 4:04, and then 4:01. But the 40s came and went without anyone breaking the 4-minute barrier.

Gunder Hagg’s record sat untouched for nine long years, running experts grew even more confident in their assertion. They believed the human body had reached it limits, but one man visualized breaking the barrier.

Roger Banister believed it was possible.

In 1954, while practicing medicine and studying for an advanced degree at Oxford, Banister ran the mile in 3:59.4. It was a seminal moment in the world of sports and Roger Banister instantly became a legend.

His record lasted just 46 days. Ten years later, high school students were breaking the 4-minute mile, and the world record today is 3:43.13. Since Banister broke the elusive 4-minute barrier more than 2,000 people have run sub-four-minute miles in competition. What was once considered impossible is now routine.

We have explored the reach of the human mind and the human body. Now it is time to explore the reach of the soul.

The human spirit has not reached its limits. Not even close.

Holy Moments may have once seemed impossible, but they are not. It’s time to make Holy Moments routine.

Human beings are capable of incredible things. You are capable of incredible things. Most people live and die without even scratching the surface of their potential. You may have explored your physical and intellectual limits, but have you ever really tried to explore your spiritual capacity? Until we do, we have no idea what we are actually capable of.

It is time to explore your soul-potential.

Matthew Kelly

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