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Don’t Let FOMO Ruin Your Christmas!

It’s harder than you might think to have a great Christmas, and it’s much easy to ruin your Christmas.

28 ways to make this your best Christmas ever will be the topic this Advent beginning November 27. Between now and then, we are discussing 28 obstacles that will prevent you from having your best Christmas ever and 28 gifts and who to give them to.

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There are of course plenty of very obvious ways to ruin Christmas for yourself and everyone around you. Examples include…

Insist on talking about politics.

Tell your relatives what you really think about them as if it were objective fact.

Re-wrap a gift someone gave you last year and regift it to the same person who gave it to you.

Try to control everything and everyone.

Tell every kid you meet that Santa isn’t real and that their parents are lying to them.

There are the obvious ways… but we are going to explore the more subtle ways we sabotage our own Christmas experience and rob others of Christmas joy.

Obstacle #1 is… FOMO. Fear of missing out.

This is one of the greatest pieces of modern insanity. FOMO. The reality is you miss out on almost everything. The important thing is not to miss out on the things God created and intended just for you.

Focus on what matters most and don’t worry about what you may or may not miss out on. If you focus on what matters most, what you miss out on is irrelevant. So get clear about what matters most.

Find your joy. Guard your joy. Follow your joy. Not just happiness. It seems our culture has confused happiness with comfort, and following comfort will lead you to misery. Find your joy. Cherish your joy. Guard your joy. And follow your joy.

Today’s gift… The Rhythm of Life. Who should you give it to this Christmas? Anyone experiencing a transition in life… high school and college graduates… engaged couples, newlyweds, new parents… anyone experiencing a transition in their career, loss of a job or new job… and anyone who is experiencing divorce, retirement, or moving to a new city.

Most people can’t remember what they got for Christmas two years ago. This Christmas give life-changing unforgettable gifts.

Matthew Kelly

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