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The Rest of Your Life

Jesus told a parable that has been a guiding star for me over the past 30 years. The parable is about a farmer who goes out to sow seeds in his field. He sows his seed boldly and generously.

Some of the seed falls on the path, some falls in the shallow rocky soil, some falls among the thorns, but some of the seed falls in the richest soil and produces a bountiful harvest. The harvest is thirty, sixty, and one hundred times what was sown.

Holy Moments have those kinds of returns.

The danger is to overthink and complicate our efforts. For a long time, I thought the different types of soil were different people. But over time, I have grown in awareness and become less judgmental. The truth is most people’s hearts have a little bit of each type of soil. We each have the capacity for great good and for great evil. We get to choose.

When I look back on my life, I see that so many people generously sowed goodness into my heart. They filled my life with Holy Moments. Many of them probably thought they had wasted their time on me, but here I am, and I would not be here today, if not for their generosity. I am part of their Butterfly Effect, though most of them are unaware of it. You are benefiting from their Holy Moments also, even though you will never meet or know them.

There are many critics in my life. I never imagined you could have so many critics in an effort to do good. I was naïve. And I do get discouraged. But by some grace I have learned to find inspiration everywhere I go.

Besides, consider the other options. Should I give into the into the cynics, skeptics, and critics, and the selfishness, hopelessness, and hatred they spread everywhere they go?

I will not. Every age has tyrants and each of us has to decide to face them or cower to them. Meaninglessness and hopelessness are two of the tyrants that torment the people of this age. They perpetuate the madness that has gripped so many people. They may seem overwhelming, even invincible, but I will not lose hope for I know they are not.

My reasons are very simple. Each Holy Moment offers someone a path out of the madness and demonstrates the beauty of what is possible. Holy Moments have the power to bring the tyrannies of meaninglessness and hopelessness to an end. Holy Moments hold the power to set people free from meaninglessness and hopelessness to live rich and purpose-filled lives. Critics are quickly forgotten. And I simply refuse to underestimate God.

So, what am I going to do?

I will press on. I’m going to keep sowing Holy Moments in my own imperfect way, everywhere I go, with every person I meet, every chance I get, reminding myself daily that the Messiah is indeed among us!

The critics will say “but so much of the seed doesn’t fall on rich ground.” They are right, but they are missing the point, because you never know whose heart the next handful of seeds will fall into. And you never know what that person will go on to do with his/her life. So, I am going to keep sowing, generously.

The last question is: What are you going to do?

If you would allow me to make a recommendation: Do your part! Start sowing Holy Moments everywhere you go. Join me. Join others. Become part of a grassroots movement that is changing lives and transforming the world one Holy Moment at a time.

Do what you can, where you are, with what you’ve got… and trust that others, hundreds of them, thousands of them, in every town, suburb, village, and city across these United States (and around the world) will do what they can also. And together we will unleash such a force of goodness that people will marvel and wonder how it happened.

Your Holy Moments can have an enormous impact.

So, do your part! When people do their part miracles happen. I have seen these miracles. An astounding ripple effect is set in motion when people simply decide once and for all to do their part.

This Holy Moments movement that is emerging is a perfect example. “How did all this happen?” people will ask. “It’s a miracle,” others will say. They will be right. But it’s a very specific type of miracle. It’s the type of miracle that is guaranteed to happen when a bunch of people get together, decide enough is enough, and commit to doing their part.

So, decide today, once and for all, that each day for the rest of your life will have a positive impact. Decide to be the difference that makes the difference. Decide, that your part, however small, will not be left undone. Decide to light a candle rather than curse the darkness. Decide to collaborate with God to create Holy Moments. And decide to share the wisdom of Holy Moments as far and wide as possible.

And do it boldly.

Then next time that little voice in your head asks you what you’re going to do with the rest of your life, reply boldly: “I’m going to spend the rest of my life creating Holy Moments.”

Matthew Kelly

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